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S. J. & the Crossroads

photo courtesy Sam Messina Archives

S.J. SERIO........Drums & Vocals
SAM GIGLIO.........Keys & Vocals
MIKE DALEO...Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
JOHNNY SERIO........Lead Guitar
PHILIP BATTALGIA..Bass, and plenty of fun and laughter
"HANDSOME" Sam Messina - Lead Vocals and Chick Magnet

One of Beaumont's Finest: S.J. and the Crossroads
Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, S.J. and the Crossroads were also one of the best and busiest bands in the 1966 & 1967 era.  They battled only with a couple other local bands worthy of standing on the same platform.  These guys were excellent.

These guys were famous for using practially ALL VOX equipment:
Super Beatle Amps, Vox Guitars, Vox Wah Wahs, Vox AC30's.


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