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Deja Blues is Sam Messina, Tom Jones, Kevin Kern, Gayle Sheffield, and Chuck Jones.  
Oh yes it is.

"Out of the Blue" is an excellent first recording for Deja Blues.  It is well executed and produced.  In this album, they express the kind of blues that is played in South East Texas.   They have captured the essence of the Texas Roadhouse blues sound.  Straight Ahead.  REAL Blues.

In this recording, Kevin Kern has embodied the styles of Clapton, Stevie Vaughn, Freddie King to emerge with a well blended style that is Kevin Kern.

Sam's crisp vocals snap the band into focus on every tune.  Great work, Sam!

On any rhythm and blues recording the rhythm section is the foundation for every groove.  Tom and Chuck have an intuitive feel that is flawlessly executed on each and every turn-around.  

Gayle Sheffield delivers the really warm and drippy harp tones that glue it all together.

All in all, buy this very enjoyable recording by our very own DEJA BLUES.

I am looking forward to future outstanding efforts from this bedrock of SE Texas talent!

Bill Fulbright


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