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Check out the Pearl Street Cafe for Live Blues in South East Texas!  


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This is the story of how it all began.....

This society had its beginngs before it was an organized society in 1995 on the corner of Fannin and Park Street at a humble beer joint in a run down building in Beaumont, Texas called "Bradley's Blues", named after its proprietor Brad Bennett.  The Society actually formed several years later, but the bonding began here among a core group of players.  It was a great idea, and it helped many players meet each other and get to know each other musically.  With out Brad's courage to open this club, we all might have never met.  Hat's off to Brad!

Unfortunately, Bradley's Blues was not meant to live long.  A greedy landlord
and unfortunate timing spelled the demise of Brad's "dream" club.

Soon after, for lack of any place to play, one of the players, Bill Fulbright, 
went to a new club "Freddy Fender's" and made a deal with the owner to let there be a night of Blues.  So, for the next year, the loosely knit group
of players  continued on.  It wasn't perfect, but it was better than nothing.

Bob Hodges thought a new venue might be a good idea, so he made a deal
with the Gulf Street Lounge.  This place proved to be one of the friendliest
blues venues in town.  We had many a good night of playing there before 
they lost their license and had to shut down.

Following that, the group of players moved back to the west side of town to
Brad's Double Wide (formerly the Wrangler) [no relation to our Brad].  Richard Collier and Bob Hodges were instrumental in that change.  That was
to last a few more months until a long term deal was made with Hunter's.
It was during this time that the society actually took an official form:

Vice President:
Sec/Treas:           Richard Collier

This was the home for some time until Get Down Brown's just had to have
the core of players grace it's stage.  At this point, I will hand the story over to those who are currently at the front of the fray!!

Next came a club started by Richard Collier, Doc ( ), and Roger Ward called Pearl Street Cafe.  The club had a great start, and provided a haven for the local blues lovers.  Management changed, and Richard and Doc moved on.  Pearl Street Cafe is still in business and still having blues nite.

I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to have my time playing with all the great players there.   There is so much natural talent in the Golden Triangle.  Believe me.  I have moved to Florida, and nothing can touch what you guys have.  NOTHING.  Treasure it.  

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