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Amplifier and Modification Links


Carvin Amps

Carvin Direct Music Co.

Can't wait to try it out...
Great Reviews on Harmony Central
(thanks lray)

Carvin 112 NOMAD


Victoria Amps

Oh, yes.

Victoria 3-10's


Gibson GA15RV

Gibson GA30RV 2-12's

(Formerly Trace-Elliott Velocette)

So Fine.  15 watts Pure Class A Tone Monster.  This will be my next amp.  Jazz or blues.  For a Harmony-Central Review click the link.  I played one again 4/13/00 in Ft. Lauderdale.  So Righteous.  

Also comes as a 2/12 30 watt stereo amp.


Tone King Imperial Amp - made by Tone King 
Hey now.  
I have played this remarkable amp at Sand Music in Houston.  This amp will NOT produce a bad tone.   It is a complete Tone Monster.   
I played  the Imperial, a 12" speaker, 20/40 watt amp - Class A mind you.   It just kicked butt.  Burned up the Kendrick Black Gold sitting right next to it, the Victoria next to that.  Un%^&$ Believable.  About $1400.  I can help you get one oryou can call the man who makes these in Baltimore, MD.  There is NO website.
Marc Bartell - 410-327-6530 phone & fax
703 S. Luzerne Ave
Baltimore, MD 21224

Kendrick Amplifiers
Killer Amps made by Tube Authority Gerald Weber (from Pt. Arthur!)
in Pflugerville, Texas.  Billy Gibbons loves 'em.  it's that "brown sound".
The Black Gold Amp is a screamer.

Kendrick has also been commissioned to make the Climax Trainwreck amp.  A mere $5,000 for the stout of heart and deep of pocket.  I have played one of these onstage in Miami.   It is so sweet, but $5K?


So Flo Tube AmpsSo Flo Tube Amps

Made right in Ft. Lauderdale, FL the SMART ALECK amp is receiving the highest marks on Harmony-Central's amp review section.  All 10's.  PURE Class A amp.  Not Limited Class A.  Not Class A that slips into AB.  Solid Class A.  about $1,600.  Heads and Combos and Custom Orders.  Reverb, Tremelo.   I am going to check it out ASAP.

Harmony Central Review
Want to make your own amp killer, or make one from scratch?  This guy has the plans, kits and parts for you to build a new amp.  

All you need is a gutted chassis (Fender is probably best).  Visit the Photo Gallery, Layout  Diagrams, Tech referral/service Schematics, Transformer Diagrams, Yard Sale Items.  He is also in Florida, on the Gulf side in Sarasota.


Tubacious information about Amps and tone.Worth the subscription.  Check out the list of who's who on the advisory board.  hrrmph.

Amplifier Modification Instructions, Specs and Resources

JJ Electronics Tubes.   Very knowledgeable Bob Pletka has sets of tubes designed for YOUR amp.  He has been to the factory in Czeckoslovakia and knows the owners.  One of them was one of Tesla's research and development men for 35 years.  It is the real deal.
I just ordered a set for my Peavy Classic 50-410.  What a difference they made!!  My tone controls actually work!!  Nice CREAMY sounds.  Tight Bottoms, Clear Highs, Distinguishable Mids, and on higher volumes on NORMAL channels, the distortion is as close to a Class A amp as I have heard.  So, for a poor man's Class A, spend about $50 and sweeten your sound.


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