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Local Blues History

This section is dedicated to those who contributed to the musical future of the Blues in the Golden Triangle and the world at large.   Some achieved immortal fame, others local treasures who earned the respect of local devotees and inspired those who would go further down the road.



There is SO MUCH to put here I have had to break it down into at least two sections:  National Acts and Local Acts.

National Acts have pages devoted to people and bands from this area that "made it big", who play to a national audience, have recording contracts, etc.

Local Acts have pages devoted to people and band from this area who play locally, and may be in the process of making it big, or just play locally.  I have known many acts locally that were every bit as good as, or better than National Acts, but for various reasons never went National.

I know there are many more heros in our area... some alive, some retired, some have gone to that Big Blues Band in the Sky.  

Send me your knowledge of authentic blues history in the Golden Triangle, and I'll publish it here.

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