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Steve Watson, aka "doc540", in some circles, a consummate Bass Player, has contributed to our heritage as the one time owner of SE Texas music landmark "Yvonne's", and as an avid performer throughout the years from California with the Even Steven Band to Texas and beyond.  


Here's a late 70's rendition of 
"The Love Doctor"

Click on 

(lovedr1.wav 3.8 MB)

The Love Doctor 
(lovedr1.mp3 1.6 MB)

for a .wav or .mpg file 
of Sr. Watson's 
San Diego Band... 
the Even Steven Band

(Notice where you store it.  It is 3.8 MB large, so give it time to download.  It should start to load in a media player when you down load it.  other wise you will have to open a media player and select it)

Here are a couple more pics of doc in is earlier days. 




Steve "Allman-Oakley" Watson




At the Beach 

in San Diego playing 

"In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" 

with the 
Even Steven Band
... (Early 70's, eh?)



Steve at his club Yvonne's, w/Country Swing ICON Billy Carter, one time lead guitar player for Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys.
Check out the link for a real story about this legend swing player.



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