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Chick Powell
Billy Carter
Nalley Brothers
SJ & Crossroads
Ervin Charles
Steve Watson


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Here is a nice piece submitted by Steve Watson..

Charles "Chic" Powell of Port Arthur Texas, for more than twenty years, almost singlehandedly carried the blues flame in Jefferson County. He was truly the "Texas Highway Bluesman", an accomplished bandleader, rhythm player, and extraordinary harp player, one of the few harpists to master the harp's high register in the style of Jimmy Reed.  (click here to continue)

The Cambridge Lads - It was the 60's, and there were the local copy bands.  This was one of the hottest at the time.  Remember when???  Pics courtesy of Don Lackey

Billy Carter  Country Swing Virtuoso who was known for his stint with Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, often played with the Nalley Brothers... 

The Nalley Brothers remember Beaumont Music by Gateway during the 60's and 70's...?

Bill Fulbright (click for his page), originally from Beaumont, Texas has been an avid guitarist and front man since the early sixties when he began performing with a group known as "The Rougues", then "The Variations", then as a guitarist and sideman until he began writing songs when he was 18.  After attending North Texas State University as a Music Composition/Theory Major, he began playing country swing with Billy Carter's band in South East Texas.  He became a full time performing professional in Dallas, Tx in 1981 and continued performing there through 1993.  He then performed in Wyoming for the next year.  Beaumont, Texas was his next destination, where he took on some students, played a variety of venues, hosted the South East Texas Blues Society "Open Jam" for a year, and played with a number of the local blues bands.  In 1998, he moved to Jacksonville, Florida, where he began playing in the praise and worship band in his church for the next year, then moved to Ft. Lauderdale where he was also active playing in his church's praise and worship band.  In 2001, he began his pedal steel guitar studies with Neil Flanz, who now lives in Hollywood, FL.

S.J. and the Crossroads - One of Beaumont's finests bands in the 1966 & 67 era!

Steve Watson - a bass player's bass player.  This guy has more music in his little finger..


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